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This Beachside Corgi Convention Is Proof that Heaven Is a Place on Earth

While you are were sweating, chafing and trudging through the summer heatwave that has descended upon most of America this past weekend, hundreds of corgis waddled their way onto San Francisco’s Ocean Beach for a day of fun in the sun.

While it may hurt to know you missed this event in person, we have plenty of adorable photos to salve those wounds. Plus, Corgi Con, as this joyous meet-up is called, happens annually, so you can start planning for next year now!

Corgi Con started in June 2014 thanks to Cynthia Lee. Lee, a corgi owner, wanted a way to meet many of the precious corgi pooches she followed on Instagram and Facebook, so she created one. The first Corgi Con hosted an impressive 90 dogs, but 2018’s gathering blew those numbers out of the water.

Over 1100 corgis turned up for this year’s event, thanks in part to Corgi Con’s adoption of Facebook Events to spread the word. The oodles of short-legged canines enjoyed a day packed with activities including beach frolicking, a costume contest and races.

Additionally, this year, corgis also had a chance to compete in Corgi Ninja Warrior, an agility course scaled to corgi-appropriate size.

Along with sniffing butts and exchanging Instagram handles, the corgis of Corgi Con also helped those of their kind in need. Proceeds from the sale of Corgi Con merch at the event went to help corgi rescue groups.

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So next time you are feeling down, remember, there are hundreds of corgis out there helping other corgis just by being corgis, and that is a magical thing.

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